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Introducing the alpha360 ERPs

WINDEV21, WEBDEV21 and .NET core 1.0 ERP implementations - with full source code - based on the alpha360 data models.
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* May 12, 2017 - the new documentation site is now live
* June 7, 2017 - released v0.95 [Commercial Editions]

Special offer ends 31.7.2017

What are the alpha360 data models ?

The alpha360 erp data models are a set of tables, constraints and relations, that are the base of the alpha360 erps.

They are based on the Relational Model and can be implemented on any Relational Database supported on the WX or .net platform.

What are the alpha360 erps ?

They are functional ERP implementations, based on our alpha360 data models.

Think of them as "templates" - that let you implement your own ERP - using WINDEV, WEBDEV or .NET/C#.

Open Source Implementation

The alpha360 data models and the core WINDEV21 erp implementation are both Open Source.

Download them, study them and use them in whatever way you like.

Commercial Implementations

Commercial implementations are available for WINDEV21, WEBDEV21 and .NET core/C#.

They include full source code, support and royalty free distribution of your compiled applications.