alpha360 ERP Professional

General Features

  • Support for HFSQL Classic and C/S Engine (v21 or newer)

  • Multicurrency support

  • Embedded translation tools

  • Lifetime Upgrades and Support

  • WINDEV and WEBDEV configurations



  • Calendars

  • Documents (per Business Document, GL Batch, Party, and Product)

  • Messages

  • Parties and Party Groups

Legal Entities and People 

Party Roles - Customers, Suppliers, and Employees     

Party Branches, Addresses, and Contacts

  • Campaigns (*)



  • Products and Services

  • Price Lists

  • Multiple Warehouses

  • Product Families

  • Reports (*)

  • Inventory Transactions

  • Inventory Costing - FIFO, LIFO, AVG and Standard

  • Supports Perpetual and Periodic Systems


Accounting GL

  • GL Accounts

  • Checks

  • GL Batches

  • Reports

Trial Balance

General Ledger

Finacial Report Designer (Income Statement, Owner Equity,Balance Sheet, Cash Flow ...)



  • Customers

  • Sales WorkFlow

Quotes, Orders, Shipments, and Invoices

Payments AR, Credits AR, Debits AR

Retail POS

  • AR Controller

  • Reports

  • DashBoards (*)


  • Suppliers

  • Purchases WorkFlow

Quotes, Orders, Shipments, and Invoices

Payments AP, Credits AP, Debits AP

  • AP Controller

  • Reports

  • DashBoards (*)


  • Unlimited Hotels

  • Unlimited Room Types and Rooms

  • PriceLists by Hotel, Customer, Season, Meal Plan, RoomType, and/or number of Guests

  • Lists for Reservations, Arrivals, InHouse and Departures 

  • Scheduler Charts for Reservations, Rooms and Room Types

  • Quickly and Safely search for multiple Room Type availability

  • Quick Reservations and Check-ins for Individuals and Groups

  • Housekeeping

  • Includes modules for Restaurants and Bars (*)


(* See the RoadMap for availability)

The alpha360 Professional includes Full Source Code - [WINDEV and WEBDEV Project configurations]

You can use it to develop your own applications and distribute your COMPILED applications Royalty Free to your customers [under your own brand].