What are the alpha360 Business Applications ?

The alpha360 Business Applications are complete applications, covering a wide range of business areas.


Based on the alpha360 Data Models, they include Business Processes, UI elements (screens and pages), queries, reports and dashboards, helping developers build their own Business applications.


Using our unique programming paradigm - named ESEC, for (E)mbedded, (S)imple, (E)xtendable and (C)oherent coding - a developer can develop his applications 100 times faster !!!


Supported Development Environments:

  • Microsoft's C#/Visual Studio and .NET core

  • PCSoft's WINDEV and WEBDEV 4GL


Supported core Business Areas:

  • ERP and CRM

  • Hospitality

  • Fleet Management

  • Manufacturing

  • B2B

  • HRM

  • Budgets


You can find more information in the Products area of the site.