alpha360 Data Models

The alpha360 Data Models are complete database models - tables, constraints, relations  and triggers- used to develop a wide range of Business Applications.

There are currently 2 versions: Universal and Express

  • the Universal version supports ERP, Retail, HRM, B2B, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Fleet Management systems on Generic SQL, MySQL, MS SQL and HFSQL databases.

  • the Express version supports Retail and limited ERP functionality on HFSQL databases.

alpha360 core ERPs

The alpha360 core ERPs are core business applications - they are based on the alpha360 Universal Data Model.

There are currently 2 versions: Standard and Professional.

  • the Standard version supports ERP and CRM functionality and is based on PC Soft's WINDEV application development environment [requires v21 of WINDEV].

  • the Professional version supports ERP, CRM, B2B, Manufacturing and HORECA functionality and is based on PC Soft's WINDEV and WEBDEV application development environments [requires v21 of WINDEV/WEBDEV]

Both versions include full source code [WX projects] and a license to create your own versions, rebrand them and freely distribute compiled applications to your end users.

Develop your ERPs 10 times faster ...