Frequently asked questions

Differences between the ERPs and the Retail project?

The alpha360 Retail project is designed for Retailers, Restaurants, Bars and Cafes. It is based on the alpha360 Express Data Model and a WX developer can implement his own version in less than 30 days !!! a developer can use it to develop:

  • simple POS software
  • complete and independent Retail systems
  • or combine it with one of the alpha360 ERPs to create a decentralized system with hundreds of POS registers.

Professional vs Standard ERP

Both versions are based on the same alpha360 Universal data models and share basic functionality, but:

  • the Professional version includes WINDEV and WEBDEV configurations for both the ERP and the Hospitality modules
  • the Standard version includes only the WINDEV project for the ERP

How can I report a bug or request a new feature?

The best way is to use the forums, although emails are just fine.

Differences between the Express and the Universal alpha360 data models?

The general ideas behind both data models are the same. We designed the Express data model as a simpler version, to support our Retail project. But don't be fooled by the name - behind it is a full ERP data model, easy to understand and extend.

Upgrade from the ERPs to the Retail project?

As an ERP licensee, you already have the "potential" to create your own Retail system - everything is there. But it took us over a year to create the Express data models, the core Retail project, the documentation and the support infrastructure for WX developers. Soon, when we release the product, we think that you will be amazed by its simplicity, versatility and completeness. The Retail system will be offered - for a limited period - to all current alpha360 ERP licensees, at a very special price.

Retail project - availability and prices?

The core Retail project has been in beta for over a year and it is now 99% ready. We are in the process of completing the documentation, the videos and the demos and we are going to release it real soon. The price of the core Retail project [WINDEV configuration] is 990 euros. WEBDEV and MOBILE projects are NOT included in the above price - these projects will be offered as add-on modules at the last quarter of 2018. The special introductory price, for current alpha360 ERP licensees, will be 290 euros.

List of ERP features

You can find a list of features for the Standard and the Professional ERPs here