Sep 1, 2018

A suggestion for Alpha360 coding




I have watched all your videos but I am specifically writing here regarding this video:


In this video I observed that every time we assign Window/Form names to the Dynamic structure we tend to write the name of Internal Window as string. Instead of that can't we use Window's name followed by ..Name. Like for example: IWB_Asset..Name.


Coding like this has its advantages. One is that if for any reason we need to rename a window (for any of the million reasons) all that we have to do is rename the window and immediately the Refraction feature of WD will kick in and offer to rename all occurrences in code with the new name. Otherwise what we have to do is find each occurrence and replace it manually.


Just my thoughts.


Yogi Yang

Steven Sitas
Sep 1, 2018Edited: Sep 1, 2018

Hi Yogi,


Just note that you are reffering to v1 documentation and videos - many things have changed in v2.

For a start, everything is now on the main website and not on google sites.


Now regarding your question:

  • The UI code [the way it works] is shared between all our implementations - currently WX, .Net and Ruby on Rails - so we have to do it in a way that is "cross platform".

  • A WX developer can of course use ..Name type programming in WX code and have all the advantages you describe.



Steven Sitas

Steven Sitas
Oct 16, 2018Edited: Oct 16, 2018

Hi Yogi,

I took another look at your suggestion.

Unfortunately this type of code - IWB_Asset..Name - will NOT always work with WINDEV.


The internal window - IWB_Asset - must be "opened" at the time you use IWB_Asset..Name.

Otherwise you get a GPF ...




Steven Sitas

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    Hello, It would be great to have a complete comparison chart showing as to what is available in which version of alphi360. Where can we find this comparison? Yogi Yang
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    Sep 1, 2018

    Hello, This is just a suggestion to build two Procudures/Functions that would allow a user to read a value from one single field and write/update value one single field. Where it can be useful. For example when a user is creating an invoice and the user selects a product/item and we need to fetch its price (only nothing else) from another table generally will have to create a query for this particular operation or write a set of hreadseek, etc. Instead of that it would be better to call a procedure that would fetch the required value from any table thrown to it. According to me the parameters of such a Procedure/Function would be for example: GetAnyFieldValue(sTableName is String, sFieldName is String, sWhereClause is String) Here one has to give name of table from which data has to be fetched and field name whose value needs to be fetched and the where clause is just that the criteria according to which data is fetched. One condition here should that the where clause should only return one single record but if the number of records returned are more than one we have to fetch the value from the first row and return it, ignoring the rest. Again just my thoughts.... Yogi Yang
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    I have some problems after restoring this project and compiling it into windev 23. I followed the video Then I refreshed "Style and Skin Template" and recompiled the project. I have several GUI errors saying: The <C:\ALPHA360P115\TEMPLATES\WD\SYSTEM\SYSTEM_BTN_BRW.PNG> file was not found on the disk (used 2 times). ... Any idea how to correct this ?


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