Sep 1, 2018

Using Constant/Enumerators for DB Actons

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I observed that you are using values for database action like:

1 for Add

2 for Edit



Instead of this we should use Constants/Enumerators. For example for Add we can create a Constants/Enumerators variable called dbAdd (DB_ADD) = 1


It is easier to read such variables and understand instead of values.


Just my thoughts....


Yogi Yang

Steven Sitas
Sep 1, 2018

Hi Yogi,


we have "played" with this idea when moving from v1 to v2; some of our licensees suggested it.

But since many of our licensees are ex Clarion developers, [1,2,3] is "deeply embedded" in their minds - and in ours also !!!

Note that this type of coding is also in the Business Object Roles; but we have an enumeration for these values [enBusinessObjectRole is Enumeration] in the project code.



Steven Sitas

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    Feb 20, 2018

    Thank You Steven, The a360 Documentation explains the data model very well. I can see that a lot of work went into the documentation. it’s clear and to the point. I will spend more time on the documentation first in the future. I’m impressed with the product, quality and meticulous approach. Andre
  • legalpride
    Sep 1, 2018

    Document assembly : Will you be considering document assembly in the documentation section for example, merging customer and supplier data with certain standard documents? Transaction history : How will you deal with transaction history in the data model and interface for example, transactions from previous years etc? Archiving : How will you deal with transactions to archive from the system after some years and maintain data integrity?


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