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Announcing v1.12 of the alpha360 project

We are pleased to announce v1.12 of the alpha360 project.

This version completes the Inventory module of the ERP and will be available for ALL commercial versions.

Downloads will be available Monday or Tuesday (29/30 January 2018) from our web site.

Our main goal with this release, is to to make things a lot simpler for developers, both at the Data Model level and the BP level.

Data Model Changes and Additions

1. Greatly eliminated the use of SUM tables.

The model is now a lot easier to understand and as a plus it offers more speed at the transaction level ...

2. Redesigned the Price Lists model, offering support for more complicated industries.

3. Added support for Batches, Families, Colors and Sizes for the Products.

BPs and User Interface

1. With the introduction of the BEHAVIOR procedures, we eliminated hundreds of lines of code in the Inventory posting module. Code is now a lot easier to understand, a lot faster to execute and it is SHARED with the other modules (like Sales and Purchases).

You can now change or add functionality to the project, by just changing the BEHAVIOR procedures ...

New BEHAVIOR procedures will be introduced in the Sales and Purchase modules in later versions.

2. Added the Inventory Census procedure and supporting BPs

3. Completed the General Inventory procedures and supporting BPs

4. Added Inventory Balance Report and supporting BPs.

5. Added Product Import procedure - it also supports update pricing

6. Added Price Lists - both Sales and Purchase Lists

and added many BPs supporting AverageCost, Sales Quantity etc and of course bug fixes ...

The full documentation for the Inventory module will be available - at our web site - at the end of next week.

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