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Announcing alpha360 - v1.15

We are pleased to announce v1.15 of the alpha360 projects

NEW access codes will be emailed to all licensees Saturday 14 April 2018.

Also, due to some spam issues, some developers may have not received their alpha360 Magazine invoices. We are going to re-send them again next week.

The first thing to note with this version is that the product is now called alpha360 which is more general than the alpha360 ERP name and we now have only 2 versions for Developers:

  • The Standard version which includes the WINDEV ERP functionality and

  • The Professional version which includes the WINDEV/WEBDEV ERP and Hospitality functionality.

Please don't get "confused" with the new versions - everybody gets at least the same functionality as the original version they purchased and probably more ...

Our main goals with this version was to complete the WINDEV ERP functionality, make it more compatible with International standards and at the same time make it more developer friendly.

The new implementation guide for developers - available in a few days - will help developers better understand the inner workings of the system and help them implement their own ideas.

When we started the alpha360 project, the main idea was to use it as an introduction to our Data Models. From this version it is now a more complete ERP and Hospitality application, targeted at mid and large companies (instead of small companies).

Here is a list of what's new in v1.15

Data Model

  • Added Project and Task Data Entities

  • Added Product Attributes Data Entities

  • Done small changes to Accounting Data Entities

  • Added CostTier Inventory Data Entities

User Interface

  • Fixed screen focus issues after returning from forms

  • New UI concept (atomic Dashboards) for Customers, Suppliers, Products etc ...

  • Done small changes to the menu system


  • Introduced pseudo local procedures - starting with LP and located in the pseudoLOCAL_p project folder - they greatly reduce code in various areas


  • More Internationalization and support for complicated accounting standards

  • Added Financial Report Designer


  • Support for Perpetual and Periodic Inventory systems (can change per year)

  • Support for FIFO, LIFO, AVG and Standard Cost Evaluation

  • FIFO and LIFO CostTiers are transfered between Warehouses when doing Warehouse movements

  • Added Inventory Balance Report

Sales and Revenues

  • Completed Business Documents (Invoices, Credits etc)

  • Completed Posts to GL (both for Perpetual and Periodic Systems)

  • Added Sales Controller module

  • Added Reports

Purchases and Expenses

  • Completed Business Documents (Invoices, Credits etc)

  • Completed Posts to GL (both Perpetual and Periodic Systems)

  • Added Purchase Controller module

  • Added Reports

  • Added Expense Distributions to Inventory

Known Issues (fixed in v1.19)

  • Inventory Cost Adjustments and Cost Tier entries when returning products to Supplier is not implemented yet

  • The system does not protect a user from changing Cost evaluation or changing from a Perpetual to a Periodic Inventory system in the middle of a year. This could be against local accounting standards, so a developer must take care of it ...

  • Waiting for more feedback from Developers


Only small changes have been made to the WEBDEV configuration and NO new UI elements added in this version

The next version will target WEBDEV - both the ERP and the Hospitality functionality

How to use this version?

The best way is to start with WINDEV and our DEMO HFSQL Classic database and move on ... We have a rather complete and complicated set of accounts in the General Ledger and we have set up the links for posting Business Documents (Invoices etc) to GL. You can change from the Perpetual System to the Periodic system in your Inventory and see how things work automagically ...

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