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v2 alpha360 projects

As I am writing this post, we are in the "final stages of releasing" the v2 alpha360 projects - the ERP, the Hospitality and the Retail implementations.

The main goal of v2, other than delivering all the expected features, is to make developing with the projects, a lot easier.

The changes in the Data Models and the UI code _and_ the new Documentation will help, even novice developers, to quickly understand and extend the projects.

Now for the alpha360 Retail project:

Many - or maybe even all - beta developers asked us to "extend" the feaures of the project and introduce a more complete business system for the Retail Industry.

But this would be against the "philosophy" of the project and it would introduce unnecessary "complexity" that we wanted to avoid. The philosophy behind the Retail project is simple - it must be able to work as an "autonomous POS" and rely on the ERP for its other functionality.

But, to keep everybody happy, we decided to add the requested features in the project _AND_ at the same time allow the developer to hide or unhide them.

The complete list of the Retail project features will be posted next week.

Unfortunately this has pushed back the release date of all WX v2 projects _AND_ the beta release of the alpha360 eShop*.

* alpha360 eShop is a complete Ruby on Rails eShop - based on the alpha360 Data Models - that can work side by side with our Retail and ERP implementations.

Designed with Open Source tools it can handle thousands of customers every day ...

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