• Steven Sitas

alpha360 PRO and STANDARD - v2.09r2

Version(s) v2.09r2, for the alpha360 PRO and STANDARD projects have been posted to the download area.

This version now supports WX 24, out of the box - you only get 1 GUI error if you open it with WX24 or any version later than v21- just follow the instructions and refresh the style and skin templates.

Next upcoming updates will be v2.10 - with the full CRM implementation - and the introduction of WEB Services and Mobile apps for the Retail product.

* Note that the Retail and ERPs - from v2.10 - will share the same Data Model [Universal], making it easy to combine the products.

We are also withdrawing the special introductory for the Standard ERP, BUT we will offer the Standard ERP for just 100 euros until the end of September or for the first 100 orders - which ever comes first.

thank you all for your support

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