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alpha360 v2.1 releases


Version(s) v2.1 for the alpha360 PRO, STANDARD and RETAIL projects will be posted Monday 30/12 (or probably a few days earlier) to the download area. These versions introduce CRM and Calendar functionality.


Although PCSoft's WX 21 is really a stable and completely functional version, it is time to move the projects to the newest WX version. So staring with v3, the alpha360 projects will be designed around WX25.

But, we will have an upcoming v2.2 release of the projects - designed with WX21 - wilth the following additions:

  • Take care of Optimization and Safety issues for moving your database to the cloud.

  • WEB services for synchronizing the ERP and the RETAIL data.

  • Implementation of Party Branches.

  • Impementation for Special Inventory Prices.

  • Complete Implementation of FIFO Inventory Costing.

  • and of course fix bugs found in v2.1

New pricing model

With the introduction of v3 of the projects, we will move to a yearly subscription model - this of course will NOT affect older customers - they will still get FREE Lifetime releases.

Happy New Year !!

the alpha360 team

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