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alpha360 v2.1 projects have been posted to the website

We where a little faster this time and we where able to release v2.1 a week earlier.

Since the next version 2.2 will also be available earlier than planned - and will be the last developed with WX21 - don't forget to send us any issues so we can take care of them in v2.2

New features in upcoming v2.2

  • Include FRENCH language in the projects - Probably the most asked feature ...

  • Automations [emails, SMSs etc] in the CRM module.

  • Implementation of Party Branches.

  • Implementation of Special Prices per Customer.

  • Merchandise FIFO cost [although this will be completed with the Manufacturing module- available in v3].

  • Distributable NON online POS systems and synchronization beteween the ERPs and the Retail module.

  • Complete the 1st restaurant add-on - Bar, Delivery and take away.

  • New Redesigned MIS subsystem, making it easier for developers or users to add their own Reports and Queries.

  • Code to move your HFSQL databases to the cloud with safety and various speed optimizations.

  • and many more small things and bug fixes

  • Now that most of the features have been completed, we are going to introduce extensive documentation for developers. We are using HelpNDoc 6 to write the documentation and publish as PDFs and HTML pages - BTW HelpNDoc is a great documentation tool ...

News for v3

You have probably seen little or no news about the WEBDEV version of the ERPs.

This has been TOTALLY redesigned with the help of features available in WX24 and we are anxious to get our hands on an ENGLISH version of WX25 to move things a little quicker - So v3 will be mostly about the WEB [and ofcourse Manufacturing and B2B].

Special Offer for New Customers

Since Black Friday, we where "silently" offering a license for the PRO ERP and the RETAIL project for the price of the PRO ERP - just for independent developers who could not afford full price.

We are now extending this offer to all developers, until the second week of January 2020.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!

Steven Sitas


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