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alpha360v3 erp - beta1- is available

We just posted v3 (beta1) of the alpha360 erp project.

You can download it at the "download" area of this site -

The file is password protected, so you must contact us at alpha360(at)computerplus(dot)gr to get your new password _AND_ you must be registered on this site.

Don't use any of the previous emails - they are currently being cleaned from spam and are not, currently, used.

It usually takes 2 working days for us to email your password - so be patient ..

Now the most often question we get from our customers is if v3 is compatible with v2.

The simple answer is NO - we started designing v3 (even before v2 was released) from a fresh start. We had so many feedback from our customers, from all around the world, that we had to make things in a different way.

Our main goal, with v3 - other than the new features - is simplicity.

We think that the new data model makes thing a lot easier - and this shows in the code - were hundreds of lines were eliminated. And the remaining code is now a lot easier to understand and follow.

On the data models side, we have 3 major changes:

  1. Primary Keys (and of course Foreign Keys) are now long integers. The use of string primary keys, with our mind on replication, is no longer needed. The internet access makes this need obsolete. Users who must support replication - in the old way - can use PCSofts integrated solution. Integers are really more "natural" than strings for PKs ..

  2. We have eliminated the use of relations in many parts of the data model - integrity is now forced by the code.

  3. In v3 the data model is a lot cleaner and we added new functionality - like support for OSS (EU), external Signing (EU), Memberships etc.

On the UI side, we have moved to WX26 - this gives us more functionality - and features, especially for the WEBDEV version (coming soon).

We hope that you and your families are OK and your community is safely recovering from the the COVID pandemic.

Keep safe ..

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