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Announcing availability of v4 projects

Starting 16 October, v4 of the alpha360 projects will be available for download.

The v4 projects are commercial only and include new functionality and new projects.

We just need a couple of weeks to update the documentation ...

The v3 projects are still available in the community edition

Of course, since our commercial projects come with a lifetime free upgrade, the licensees will receive an email with download instructions and new passwords.

The only issue here is that we may need to send to the Greek TAX Office an updated list of our customers to comply with new EU legislation.

If you have ordered any of our products in 2022 or 2023, this will be automatic.

Otherwise, you must send us an email with your company details, date of purchase, and the invoice number; don't worry if you can't find your invoice - we have copies of them.

If we don't receive your email we cannot send you the download instructions ...

The email must be sent to and if you are an EU company you must include your Registered VAT ID (if you have one).

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