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Retail POS

The alpha360 Retail System includes complete POS functionality for Shops and Restaurants.

Its design supports:

  • Multiple virtual or real POS Registers

  • Inventory with Standard and AVG costing and multiple warehouses

  • Integrated Loyalty Card System

  • POS Sales with Cash, CC/DC and Bonus Points payments

  • Daily Posts to Accounting

  • Replication with the alpha360 ERPs

and a lot more ...

See the introduction video for more information.


Restaurant POS

The alpha360 Retail System includes rich Restaurant functionality - it supports:

  • Multiple unlimited Restaurants, Areas, Tables and Waiters

  • Global Price Lists or Price Lists by Area

  • Restaurant Folios - use one folio for many tables

  • Take Restaurant Orders, send them to the Chef [Kitchen] or print them on different prepare areas.

  • Automatically create "Dishes" from their Ingredients and post them to Inventory

  • Move customers to other tables

  • Create Sales receipts [or Split them] with just a click

and a lot more ...

See the introduction video for more information.

ERP functionality

Although the alpha360 Retail System is NOT a complete ERP, it has a "small" ERP at the "heart" of its design - probably more complete than most Open Source ERPs.

It has modules for:

  • Inventory, Barcodes, STD and AVG Costing, Multiple Warehouses and Inventory Movements

  • The full Purchases and Expenses cycle (Orders, Shipments, Invoices and Credit Invoices)

  • POS Sales and a little hidden feature - Invoice Customers directly from your POS register

  • Accounting, with a full General Ledger module

and the potential to create a full distributed system of POS Systems on top of it.