alpha360 v2 ERPs are now available

October 29, 2018

We are pleased to announce the general availability of v2 of the alpha360 ERPs.

This version is all about simplicity - for both developers and end users.

A video introduction for v2 will be available in a few days "detailing" the important new changes and additions in the data models, the code and the UI - so stay tuned.


In the meantime, licensees, can read the short documentation on our web site to get to know the new version(s) and visit the Documentation area in the Forum(s). Here we will be posting more extensive information about the projects, once or twice a week.


We also thought that it would be wise to not release the WEBDEV configuration - included in the PRO version - with v2.07.

The WEBDEV configuration will be available in a few days - with v2.08 - "free" of any reported bugs [specially in the BPs].


And before closing this post, just a small note about prices:

All of you have probably noted that the prices of the projects have been increasing "rapidly" the last few months; and for some WX developers they are now "out of their budget range".

Unfortunately the "mix" of our clients has changed this last year and we are seeing more "in house developers" purchasing the projects. They need more specific functionality and support, "driving" us to "higher costs".


Starting from January 2019 the projects will be licensed under a "yearly subscription model" and "runtime license fees" will be introduced also. More on this in a later post ...


But, all licensees who purchased the projects before 31 December 2018, will still have unlimited updates, support and a license to redistribute their compiled applications, royalty free. So Nothing will change for them !!


To help, mostly independent WX developers, we are going to offer the alpha360 Standard ERP [v2], for 490 euros ...

This special introductory price will be available for a few days and will of course include unlimited updates, support and a license to redistribute compiled applications, royalty free.

There is NO special offer for the PRO ERP, but you can upgrade your Standard version to the PRO version, at any time before 31.12.2019 and bypass the "subscription model and the license fees".




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