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Install Retail


1. Download your Retail project file and unzip it using your password. There are 2 zip/rar files extracted - one is the WINDEV Retail project and the other is the DEMO DATA [alpha360DATA.rar].

2. Create a working directory for your Retail project.

3. Use "Tools->Restore a project" from your WINDEV IDE and restore the Retail project in the above directory.

4. Create a directory for your HFSQL Classic database - the default directory is c:\alpha360DATA.

5. If you want to use our DEMO DATA, unzip alpha360DATA.rar [from step1] and copy the files to the above data directory.

Open the Retail project from your WINDEV IDE and "run" the application.


Working with Retail

The current version supports HFSQL Classic and HFSQL C/S databases.

You can find more information inside the project.

Just note, that when you run Retail for the first time - against an empty Database - a Setup screen will popup offering various options for the setup of your installation.

The local currency and your first fiscal year CANNOT be changed later in the installation ...

You need to setup the following areas of your Retail implementation:

1. In "System->Setup->General" your Warehouses, Payment Books, TAX Categories and at least one POS Register.  Don't forget to assign your Warehouses in the POS Register.

2. In "Setup->Hospitality" your Restaurant(s) structure ...

3. Create at least one Customer - for the Retail POS ...

4. In "System->Configuration" add your default Dimensions ...

5. In "System->Access Controls" add your Users _AND_ Waiters

6. Add your Products and their Dimensions ...

Restart the application 


Users and Waiters

For Retail, it is important to understand Users, Waiters and their differences.

The Retail application "tries" to simulate the working of a classic POS.

1. A user - the owner or a manager - starts the application and connects to the database with his credentials.

2. A waiter - in the Restaurant module - gives his "PIN" only when he gets an Order.

Waiters cannot start or connect to the Retail app.

Of course a developer can change the above logic, depending on "his specific industries".

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