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Desktop, WEB & Mobile applications

Open Source Data Models and *Business Applications - with full source code - for WINDEV, WEBDEV, WINDEV Mobile - more technologies coming soon

* Starting from v4, Business Applications, are available in commercial versions only.

Join WX Developers from :

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Luxemburg, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uruguay, USA

and Design your Business applications 10 times faster !!


Sales and Revenues

Purchases and Expenses

Retail and POS Systems

Food Industry


Accounting and more

The Restaurant Mobile project is now generally available on our website. You can purchase it, until the end of January 2024, at a special price. Thanks to all who participated in the beta cycle ...
Starting from 16.12.2023, v4.02 of the projects will be available on our download area. Just use your v4 license key(s) to install them ...
With the release of v4 products, we will introduce special prices, valid up to November 30, 2023
v4 of the applications will be available for download in the 3rd week of this October
v3.3 - 371 of the Mobile and Replicate360 projects are now available for a special introductory price of 299 euros
v3.3 - 371 of the WINDEV and WEBDEV alpha360 configurations have been posted
New Videos on youtube - Replication360 and alpha360 mobile apss
Because of quality issues, #1 and #2 videos of the alpha360v3, have been reposted to youtube. Youtube does some processing for HD and 4K, so better wait a few hours before trying to view the videos.
New Video on youtube - introducing v3.3 of the alpha360 project - WINDEV, WEBDEV and MOBILE configurations
New Documentation for v3.3 is now available at GitHub
v3.3 - 351 of the WINDEV and WEBDEV alpha360 configurations have been posted
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