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alpha360 Magazine

alpha360 magazine is an electronic product - delivered as a pdf and a WX project - that focuses on specific WINDEV/WEBDEV/WINDEV MOBILE topics.

It is independent of the alpha360 project and the projects, the code and the techniques in the magazine can be used by ANY WX project.

The first issue will have the following contents:
1. Implementing a GLOBAL connection manager for your applications.
* Stop distributing database passwords or IPs/Ports to your users, allow access to multiple databases and a lot more ...
2. MySQL, HFSQL Classic and HFSQL C/S connections within the same application.
3. Upgrade your HFSQL Data to a MySQL Database or vice versa - directly from your application.


A few answers to questions we get by email:

  • The pdf will be in English and the projects will be in English and French. You will be able to translate the PDFs - with the help of a translation service like google translate - without any need to use an OCR app.

  • The first issue of the "magazine" will be 59 euros.

  • The other issues, depending on the content and the MAIN developer/author may be a little higher.
    We are trying to get "onboard" other WX developers who specialize in specific WX areas - like replication, mobile Android etc. If you are interested in participating as an author or you would be interested in a specific area to be covered, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • The first issue will be available March 2018.

  • Depending of course on the "acceptance" of the magazine from the community, we are now planning for 3 or 4 issues a year.





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