Steven Sitas
Aug 22

alpha360 add-ons


Hi all,

we are working with a couple of software companies to "include" their products as alpha360 add-ons. They include Reporting and Automatic conversions of the alpha360 WD projects to work from a Browser. As soon as we are confident about the offerings we will release them at NO cost from us.

*But there may be runtime costs from the "mama" company ....

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  • belkassem
    Jan 1

    Hello Guys, I discover your website while learning and looking for some resource for windev, webdev and windev mobile. I was impress by the work done. I used to work in the Hotels some time and I saw many application running with many many difficulties that some seem to be resolved into alpha360. I would like to know if someone is willing to extend, customize this product to conquer the US market (I live in Maryland). This is just a vague idea but it could be the idea. I know there is many stuff to do but let start somewhere, I would like to have contact for the full demo. For now it is too big therefore, watching is good but I would like to see how adaptable, flexible is the app and how to make it work for us. Note: I don't have no money, I am employee like you maybe and, I don't intend to stay such as. my email Thanks to reply if you think we can work together in the future.
  • Ludo Nagy
    Oct 15, 2018

    We are looking for a French developper located in north french Area around 200 km from le Havre able to share a demo alpha360 and complete with customization add-on we are a retail company in import-export for more detail contact directly in French language , or call 0603310290 CEGID - sap small business - divalto are not for us to difficult to expensive our budget 50% from those company
  • Steven Sitas
    Oct 5, 2018

    We had and have a lot of requests from customers (developers and end users) from all around the world, looking for alpha360 developers; until now, our policy was to "redirect" these requests to our customers - but it took some time. From now on, everyone in the community can post here their contact information, their "needs" or "availability" and get in touch with other developers or end users.


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