Steven Sitas
Mar 1, 2018

WEB Services


alpha360 Magazine comes with various WEB Service projects and example projects.

After compiling and installing the included WEB Services, it is always a good idea to "refresh" them in the example projects also.

Just delete them from the example projects and re-import them, using YOUR WEB Service address.

Sometimes, especially when using the local WEBDEV application server, you may need to delete them first on the WEBDEV application server AND from your local IIs server, before installing them.

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  • Steven Sitas
    Mar 8, 2018

    You can download a copy of libmysql.dll, from Downloads->alpha360 Magazine Issue 1.
  • Steven Sitas
    Mar 8, 2018

    If you don' have WEBDEV, follow the steps to install the 10 user connection server. 1. Search for a directory named "WINDEV 21 - Setup" on your development machine. This is NOT your WINDEV 21 directory - notice the Setup in the name of the directory. 2. Inside this directory is a subdirectory named: "WebDep - 10 Connections" Run from here the install. If the install doesn't find a WEBServer on your PC it will offer to install IIs or Apache. 3. Don't forget to update the above (from PCSofts site) - if you have an older version on your PC. 4. When installing WEB Services on this WEBDEV application server, treat it as a NORMAL application server (with an address of local or AND NOT as one that belongs to a WEBDEV installation ..
  • Steven Sitas
    Mar 5, 2018

    There is a "small" bug/typo in the MiniAppv1 project, that MAY not allow the app to find the WEB Services. Search for this code, when calling the WEB Services: p_sWSAddress is string = EDT_WS_Address // CManager..Address=p_sWSAddress and uncomment the 2nd line. Thanks to Marien van Vliet for reporting it.


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