Sascha stier
Sep 17, 2017

Date Picker language


HI Steven,


it looks like the date picker is not taking the language into consideration.

it does not matter what language i do select in the connection window, the application does show the English labels. As far as i understood, translation will not kick in here...



Steven Sitas
Sep 17, 2017Edited: Sep 17, 2017

Hi Sascha,

for the current WINDEV implementation :


1- The date picker uses "the linguistic options of the Operating System".

Every user - depending on his PC setup - can have his own date picker, independent of the language he/she has chosen to run the application.


2- The date format for fields and tables uses the format for dates assigned in the Configuration of the ERP.

So these are GLOBAL ERP settings, independent of the language he/she has chosen to run the application AND also independent of his/her PC Setup.


3- There may be other date info/formats in the AAF that are controlled by PC Soft. These are configurable and depend on the language selected for the application AND the WDM files for the language.


The WEBDEV implementation is a little different than the WINDEV implementation - more about it in v1.12



Steven Sitas



Aug 30

Report of bug is derived with the help of the pure items for the citizens. THz consequence of the bug and is arced for the success of the citizens. The report of the bug is diverse and difficult to handle for the reformed stints for the people.

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  • Steven Sitas
    Aug 22

    Now 100% compatible with WX 24. As we move on to versions newer than WX21, the virtual runtime seems to be more "strict" with variable names and there scope. Also fixed two major bugs in the SalesOrder and SalesShipment BPs. The add for the BusinessDocument somewhow "disappeared" from the BPs. The good thing is that we are now using the projects for our own apps and we can quickly find and fix any bugs.
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    Dec 26, 2018

    Open the local procedure UI_LoadTasks from the MNU_ERPw page. Find the line: TreeAdd(Sidebar_TreeView_Inventory,"Lists"+TAB+"Products",tvDefault,"PGB_Products",tvLast) and add a second tvDefault [after the first one]. Line should be like this now: TreeAdd(Sidebar_TreeView_Inventory,"Lists"+TAB+"Products",tvDefault,tvDefault,"PGB_Products",tvLast)
  • Steven Sitas
    Aug 29, 2018

    All bugs, reported in v2.01, are now fixed in version 2.02 Licensees can download v2.02 from the download area.


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