Sep 13, 2017

Exception: 70183


Hello, I have just buy and installed the Comercial version V1.1


In C/S conection mode when I try to add a record, example PARTY record the system show the error:


Exception: 70183


But this error is only in C/S Mode, If I do the same in CLASIC conection mode, all is ok


What can I do ?


Steven Sitas
Sep 13, 2017

Hi Gustavo,


I will take a look and get back to you later today.

Just note the time difference between Greece and Uruguay



Steven Sitas
Sep 13, 2017Edited: Sep 13, 2017

Hi Gustavo,

1. Make sure you are working with a v21 (or later) HFSQL C/S Engine.

Applications developed with WINDEV/WEBDEV v21 work 100% with C/S engines of v21 (or later).


2. Make sure you are working with a NEW C/S Database - v1.1 cannot be used with a pre v1.1 C/S database. You would have to run wdmodfic on pre v1.1 databases to make them compatible with v1.1

This is not the case with Classic Databases - the application updates the files automatically.

*** What bothers me - in this scenario - is that the C/S engine should have "caught" any compatibility errors when opening the files.


3. Did you succesfully create the example data -> [Administration->Company->Create Example Data] ?

If you are having problems here also, it could be a firewall problem with your C/S Engine.

Is the C/S Engine Local to your machine?

Have you opened the C/S port?


4. Make sure you are working on v1.1 of the alpha360 ERP and NOT v1.0


5. Error 70183 is NOT currently documented by PCSoft - so I cannot think of anything else.



take a look at the above first and get back to us.






Sep 13, 2017

Thanks Steven, the problem was that I was using HFSQL C/S Version 19,

I install Version 21 and now all is Ok

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    Now 100% compatible with WX 24. As we move on to versions newer than WX21, the virtual runtime seems to be more "strict" with variable names and there scope. Also fixed two major bugs in the SalesOrder and SalesShipment BPs. The add for the BusinessDocument somewhow "disappeared" from the BPs. The good thing is that we are now using the projects for our own apps and we can quickly find and fix any bugs.
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    Open the local procedure UI_LoadTasks from the MNU_ERPw page. Find the line: TreeAdd(Sidebar_TreeView_Inventory,"Lists"+TAB+"Products",tvDefault,"PGB_Products",tvLast) and add a second tvDefault [after the first one]. Line should be like this now: TreeAdd(Sidebar_TreeView_Inventory,"Lists"+TAB+"Products",tvDefault,tvDefault,"PGB_Products",tvLast)
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    All bugs, reported in v2.01, are now fixed in version 2.02 Licensees can download v2.02 from the download area.


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