Steven Sitas
Aug 24, 2018

IWM_Setup in Retail and ERPs [v2]


Just a quick post to answer the most common question we get about the v2 products.

IWM_Setup will change in the next release(s) and use only one set of add, edit, and delete buttons and embedded code.


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  • Steven Sitas
    Aug 22

    Now 100% compatible with WX 24. As we move on to versions newer than WX21, the virtual runtime seems to be more "strict" with variable names and there scope. Also fixed two major bugs in the SalesOrder and SalesShipment BPs. The add for the BusinessDocument somewhow "disappeared" from the BPs. The good thing is that we are now using the projects for our own apps and we can quickly find and fix any bugs.
  • Steven Sitas
    Dec 26, 2018

    Open the local procedure UI_LoadTasks from the MNU_ERPw page. Find the line: TreeAdd(Sidebar_TreeView_Inventory,"Lists"+TAB+"Products",tvDefault,"PGB_Products",tvLast) and add a second tvDefault [after the first one]. Line should be like this now: TreeAdd(Sidebar_TreeView_Inventory,"Lists"+TAB+"Products",tvDefault,tvDefault,"PGB_Products",tvLast)
  • Steven Sitas
    Aug 29, 2018

    All bugs, reported in v2.01, are now fixed in version 2.02 Licensees can download v2.02 from the download area.


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