Sep 3, 2017


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Is it possible to convert database to HFSQL C/S ?

Steven Sitas
Sep 3, 2017

Ofourse, but it is already in HFSQL C/S and Classic in the WX Open Source version

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  • legalpride
    Mar 6, 2018

    On the data model all the indexes/ID are “Text” “Unicode string”, what is the main reason for this. I need to add another one of my existing files from another system called “PartyType” and its PK is 4-byte integer. Can I keep it that way because the data already exist? Or should I NOT use 4-byte integer ID’s ?
  • legalpride
    Sep 29

    To do bank reconciliation I am using more than one bank and do receipting and payments to these bank accounts from customers and supplier. I receive an electronic bank statement and then need to provide a bank account reconciliation function to balance back to the bank statement. How would the cashbook transactions such as payments and receipts fit in to support a reconciliation function within the a360 data module paradigm of bBusinessDocument_CashLine - SalesAR Payment – bBusinessDocument - gCashBook or am I missing something? Thanks, Andre
  • Steven Sitas
    Aug 16, 2017

    Here you can post questions about our alpha360 Data Models


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