Feb 20, 2018


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To do bank reconciliation I am using more than one bank and do receipting and payments to these bank accounts from customers and supplier. I receive an electronic bank statement and then need to provide a bank account reconciliation function to balance back to the bank statement. How would the cashbook transactions such as payments and receipts fit in to support a reconciliation function within the a360 data module paradigm of bBusinessDocument_CashLine - SalesAR Payment – bBusinessDocument - gCashBook


or am I missing something?


Thanks, Andre

Steven Sitas
Feb 22, 2018

For a Customer payment we start with the following data model:

bBusinessDocument - SalesAR (in a 1-1 relation)

Now we can have many detail payments, in ONE Customer payment (SalesAR), pointing to different Money Accounts.

This is done "through" the bBusinessDocument_CashLine table.

Each record here is "related" to a bBusinessDocument record AND to a gCashBook record.

A gCashBook record can be any type of "money account" - bank account, "pocket money", cash register cash etc.

What may be confusing here is that the data model supports ONE Payment, splitted to many different money accounts ...

Now here are the steps to do a bank reconcilation for the above:

1. Import your bank data in the ERP in the AR Controller area - to be published soon.

2. Automatically create Customer payments from this data - referring to your bank (gCashBook)

3. Use AR Distributions functionality - already in the current version - to connect the above payments to Debits in the system.

Here are some important notes:

1. bBusinessDocument_CashLine records can belong to Sales Invoices also, not only to Sales Payments.

Actually they can belong to any bBusinessDocument type, allowing payments in ANY a360 business document.

2. You can Distribute Debits and Credits BETWEEN Sales and Purchases.

This is FULLY Supported in the a360, since there is ONLY one table for Sales/Purchase transactions.


* I understand that the above data model is difficult to "communicate" in a few lines.

After we publish all v1.x functionality we will do some Youtube videos to explain everything in more detail.





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