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alpha360 v3 and WX versions

As you all probably know,

  • alpha360e v3 requires WINDEV v26,

  • alpha360w v3 requires WEBDEV v27 and,

  • alpha360n v3 requires WINDEV Mobile v27.

But there are a lot of WX developers who have older versions of WX and cannot work with our current products and are afraid they are going to "miss" the special prices - they end 31.5.2023.

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do now - downgrading to a previous WX version is not possible.

The only thing we can do is, extend the special prices, until a developer upgrades his/her environment . Just send us an email, when you upgrade, and we will find a solution.

As for newer versions, we are going to keep the projects in v26 and v27.

Here is the plan for v4 projects - scheduled to be released 1.9.2023:

  • alpha360e v4 requires WINDEV v26,

  • alpha360h v4 requires WINDEV v27 (this is the new Hospitality app),

  • alpha360w v4 requires WEBDEV v27 and,

  • alpha360n v4 requires WINDEV Mobile v27.

All v4 versions are based on the v3 products, with NO major changes, except the introduction of new functionality - so it will be a "smooth" upgrade.

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