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alpha360 v4

In early October we plan to release version 4 of the alpha360 system.

This release will include new features across the range of all erp configurations - desktop, web, and mobile.

It will also include the desktop configuration of the restaurant module and a new product for mobile restaurant ordering.

Shortly after this release, will come v4.1, which will include the desktop Hotel module.

But we may be able to "squeeze" the Hotel module in v4 - we will see ...

All products in v4 will be commercial only - v3 will stay of course open source (according to its license of use).

PRO licensees will receive free updates to all versions, except for the independent mobile versions.

Licensees of alpha360n will receive a free update for the mobile erp module with replicate 360.

Prices for the NEW mobile restaurant ordering module and its availability will be available soon.

* if you are having a hard time understanding if you are a PRO licensee, stop thinking about it !!!

According to our records, everyone that purchased alpha360 in the past is a PRO licensee.

** the v4 desktop erp will be a WX26 project and the web and mobile apps will be WX27 projects. So nothing has changed here.

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