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alpha360v3 - WINDEV and WEBDEV - released

Hi to all,

today, we released v3 of the alpha 360 projects - both WINDEV and WEBDEV versions - and started a special Sales promotion for the commercial alpha360 v3 projects.

In v3, the WINDEV ERP, and the WEBDEV Sales application, come also, in Open Source versions. * Open Source does not mean free - please read the License Terms for more information.

This is a free update for all v1 and v2 commercial licensees - and as always, commercial licensees, have the right to use alpha360 v3 to develop their own applications, rebrand them and distribute them royalty free to their customers !!

You will need WINDEV v26 (or newer) and WEBDEV v27 (or newer) to work with these versions. Although we wanted to keep the projects compatible with v21, PC Soft made so many changes to the WX products, that we had to upgrade to the newer WX versions.

Today, we also posted our first Podcast and our first Youtube video on installing the alpha360v3 projects. You can find them in the Documentation area of our site.

Note, that the Youtube channel for v3 is different from the one for v1/v2 - so don't forget to subscribe to it.

* Stay tuned - we will announce the new WINDEV Mobile projects in a few days !!

Steven Sitas

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