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Announcing alpha360 v3 projects

Starting at 15 September 2022, v3 of the Windows (WINDEV v26) and WEB (WEBDEV v27) projects will be available for download. They will come in 2 flavours: Commercial and Open Source.

You can read about the differences of the 2 flavours in the FAQ at the home page and at the License and Terms of Use page.

All Commercial Licensees - with a Lifetime License - can download and use the v3 Windows and WEB projects without any cost.

At the same time we are announcing a new product - alpha360n.

This is a WINDEV Mobile v27 Sales project that can work as a Client to the Windows/WEB versions or as a Standalone app. It supports Android and iOS phones/tablets.

There will be a special introductory price - announced soon - for all WX developers.

And ofcourse after that the new Hospitality and Food Distribution projects will be posted !!!

It will take the next 2 weeks to create the new videos and clean up the documentation for v3 and post it on Github.

* We really tried hard to keep everything in WX 26. But the Mobile and WEB versions of WX are rapidly changing making it a waist of time to use previous versions.

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3 commentaires

10 sept. 2022

The data model is very understandable, and the business processes practical and works great, the project is very good, we learn a lot from it.


Steven Sitas
Steven Sitas
06 sept. 2022

Hi Rick,

thank you for your kind words


Rick Williams
Rick Williams
03 sept. 2022

what an amazing product .. and I have learned so much from studying your methodology.. awesome

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