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Announcing alpha360h - Hospitality

First of all I would like to thank everybody who purchased alpha360n.

Your kind words and support means a lot to us.

Because of some auditing problems, that we had with our payment processor, some orders could not be completed.

These problems are (hopefully?) fixed, and we are extending the introduction price(s) until the end of May 2023.

But if you still have problems, ordering, send us an email, and we will find a solution.

The Hospitality functionality of alpha360, named alpha360h, is now in beta and in the next few weeks we are going to "show it" on Youtube.

The alpha360h, part of alpha360e v4, is an independent WINDEV 27 project, that shares the same Analysis, UI and BPs as alpha360e v4.

There have been minor changes in the alpha360e/n v4 projects, mainly to support integration of the Hospitality functionality (and some bug fixes).

The alpha360 v4 series (e, n and h) are ONLY commercial versions and alpha360e v3 will stay as an open source version [for the near future].

* the alpha360h WINDEV project, will be distributed, free, to all commercial alpha360e licensees.

Practical this means, according to our records, if you have ever purchased any commercial license for alpha360, you are eligable for free upgrades to v4 [that includes alpha360h] !!!


Steven Sitas

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