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Announcing alpha360v3

When we started developing alpha360, the goal was to provide WX developers with a system of database schemas and applications that would make it faster to develop their own ERPs.

Along the way, the product struggled to meet the most complex needs, and the system became complex and difficult to understand.

With version 3, we're back to our roots.

The system becomes simpler and easier to understand, letting developers put their own touches.

In the coming weeks, starting from the 1st week of October, we are going to release, in beta versions, the modules of the system.

We have chosen the phased release of the modules, mainly because it will give us the necessary time to answer your questions and prepare the documentation.

In order to save time and resources, we would ask you to use the forums of this site ...

I hope you and your families are well and that we all come out of this tragic adventure of Covid unscathed.

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