Feb 20, 2018

Great Product


Thank You Steven, The a360 Documentation explains the data model very well. I can see that a lot of work went into the documentation. it’s clear and to the point. I will spend more time on the documentation first in the future. I’m impressed with the product, quality and meticulous approach.


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  • Admin
    Sep 1, 2018

    Hello, I observed that you are using values for database action like: 1 for Add 2 for Edit etc. Instead of this we should use Constants/Enumerators. For example for Add we can create a Constants/Enumerators variable called dbAdd (DB_ADD) = 1 It is easier to read such variables and understand instead of values. Just my thoughts.... Yogi Yang
  • legalpride
    Sep 1, 2018

    Document assembly : Will you be considering document assembly in the documentation section for example, merging customer and supplier data with certain standard documents? Transaction history : How will you deal with transaction history in the data model and interface for example, transactions from previous years etc? Archiving : How will you deal with transactions to archive from the system after some years and maintain data integrity?


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